Friday, 19 February 2010

I made another poem.

Hi today i  made another poem. It's about chinese new year. Here it is!
Children dress up in they're new red clothes.
Excitedly making paper lanterns.
Reaching up tall, hanging them on the door.
Mother sizzling peppers in the wok.
Running through the town, meeting up with friends.
Showing off lanterns.
Knocking on elders doors.
Envelopes filled with lucky money.
Making our way slowly home.
Hear the fireworks bang!
Looking forward to the meal.
Happy new year!
Gung hay fat choy!

I hope you like it! I might record it and put it on my other blog, Imogen's music. 
I think we're going to my nanan's house today. I don't know if we're doing anything else.

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