Tuesday, 21 June 2011

LEGO van & classic cars

I haven't written in a while because I haven't really felt like it, and I haven't really been on the computer as often.
Any way, I decided to write a post about fathers day. Sorry about the pictures not being very good, but our camera has broken again so they've been taken with a mobile phone.

On fathers day we went to Brodsworth Hall. Today lots of classic cars were on display.

We usually go inside the house, but today we looked at all the cars and walked around the gardens. 
The church is open on Sundays, so we went in and had a slice of cake. The lemon meringue  is GREAT!

The cars had all been restored. You couldn't touch them.
Fine looking engines
  Instead window stickers with companies such the AA on, the cars had badges on the front. I wish they still gave out badges instead of stickers!
This is a pedal car. It would have cost about £20 when it was new. Now they cost about £180.
This is a motor bike and side car. Someone drove the motor bike and one person got in the side car, but before my mum was born our nanan got in a side car with three children and luggage for a holiday!

Yesterday our nanan came to stay for a night. Our mum went to the dentist so me and Reuben and nanan baked some biscuits. Here are some pictures.

Not too fast Reuben!!!

A few days ago I made a Lego sixties mystery van. I got the instructions from the Lego website.
I had to make it without a roof because to make the roof you need two big special bricks. Here is a picture with my mini figures in it:
Who would think Jack sparrow, a fireman, a scuba diver and a ninja would go driving together in a 60s van?
It's a strange world!


  1. Oh, the Lego van is just great! :)

  2. I've tried to post this a few times and keep getting an error, so I apologize if this comes up three times!

    My father was born in England and had a love of Classic, English Cars. He was always working on one. Rovers, Triumphs, MGs.. It was one of his favorite hobbies! Now my boys watch "Top Gear" all the time, and are falling in love with cars too. I think it's in the genes.

    My post is about Legos this week, too.. Those little minifigs are so much fun!

  3. love the car show, sweet family shots.
    bless your weekend.

  4. What a lovely visit!

    It's so neat seeing what you're up, too. That pedal car is really neat!

    It's good see you again. I'm going to read forward a few posts to see what else you're up to.

    Thanks for linking!