Monday, 4 April 2011

LEGO Sky Scraper building and singing group

Hi! Today We went  to the singing group. We are going to do a concert soon. Me and jemima have got solo parts. The song I am singing is called drop in the ocean. Jemima is singing a song called make someone happy.

Today me and Jemima built a lego city! We built lots of sky scrapers, and we made a palace for the queen with the golden brick. Here are some photos.
The queen's golden palace.
The wind powered factory.
Darth Vader paid a visit!

Me and Jemima made posters about our lego city. I called it Brickdon, and Jemima called it Lego City.


  1. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

    Well done on learning to knit, and I love your lego creations.

  2. I love the wind powered factory.

    Your blog is looking fabulous.


  3. You're great at the lego building! I cannot do that to save my life. You need to come to California and spend a week at Legoland as a guest designer!